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Cookies Variety Pack - Gluten Free and Organic 6 Bags (142g each)

MadeGood Crunchy Cookies Variety Pack include all your favorite flavors – Vanilla, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip. Crunchy and crispy, these mini gluten free cookies are baked to perfection with healthy, wholesome ingredients. These mom-approved vegan cookies are free from the most common allergens, certified organic, gluten free, and non-GMO. Each serving is packed with nutrients from vegetables, because you deserve to feel good about what you feed your little one, and yourself (treats included!) All MadeGood products are baked in a dedicated allergen-free bakery.

MadeGood was started to share a family's love for good snacks, but it was also started to do some good in the world. Good is for everyone – high standards, quality, and transparency. We're committed to baking better snacks right down to the carbon footprint. Contains 6 resealable pouches (2 Vanilla, 2 Double Chocolate, 2 Chocolate Chip), 0.5 ounces each.

  • MadeGood Cookies Variety Pack is full of perfectly indulgent treats for kids and adults alike. Free from the most common allergens, these cookies are a safe-for-school snack.
  • Allergy-friendly and nut-free, these cookies are made with simple ingredients including a gluten-free flour blend and vegetable extracts. An ideal afternoon or evening pick-me-up.
  • Not only delicious, MadeGood gluten-free cookies are full of nutrients from vegetables in every serving. Excellent source of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6 and B1.
  • Pick your favorite flavor with this variety pack of cookies – a tasty alternative treat for health-conscious individuals. Free from the top 8 allergens, these delicious snacks are gluten-free, nut-free, organic, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher.
  • Packaged in a recyclable and resealable pouch. Includes six 0.5-ounce pouches. (2 Vanilla pouches, 2 Double Chocolate pouches, 2 Chocolate Chip pouches)

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