Earth Day, Every Day!

Similar to special holidays we celebrate throughout the year, Earth Day draws awareness to a greater good we can all agree on. This planet is not only the common home for humanity, but we also share it as part of a larger ecosystem and at MadeGood we take this to heart. We believe in making wholesome food that will nourish us while all at once having minimal impact on the planet. It is our mission to support and source all our ingredients from organic farmers because we care about ingredients that are healthy to eat and cultivated with a conscience. We are committed to goodness for all; this starts with our commitment to minimize our carbon footprint and ends with your favorite MadeGood snacks. These efforts are celebrated every Earth Day, but it is really Earth Day every day at MadeGood!

So, when and why did Earth Day start?

Back in 1970, an idea sparked amongst a group of college students by a local state senator who wanted to bring awareness to the growing pollution problem. Smartly selecting April 22nd because it fell between spring break and final exams, the movement was able to maximize the student participation right from the start. The movement was swiftly named Earth Day and spread like wildfire- prompting nearly 20 million participants across the United States in the first year! Today, the movement has garnered over a billion (yes, a billion) participants and activists from around the world who act against mounting oil spills, power plants, pesticides, air and water pollution, and the loss of wilderness and the extinction of wildlife. Proactive participants commonly plant flowers and trees to fight the fall of Mother Nature while others engage in community clean-ups to spruce up the streets. No matter how you choose to spread the love (or sprinkle the seeds), the planet is grateful for your work!

Earth Day gives everyone a chance to give thanks to the planet annually and sets up participants with the tools and knowledge to integrate their green ideas into their everyday lives! One of the most common “Earth Day resolutions” involves being mindful of the waste you create and how you dispose of it. Stepping up your recycling and composting game are great ways to give back. At MadeGood, we understand the value of being conscious of our waste and that is why we are proud to be a TRUE Zero Waste certified company! This means that we are working on creating a zero-waste environment in our facilities by implementing recycling programs, reusing materials, and designing shelf-stable products. The most substantial benefit of achieving TRUE certification for MadeGood is knowing that we are doing everything we can as a company to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. 

A lesson that we can remind ourselves is not to underestimate our ability to have a recurring impact!

Here at headquarters, we integrate aspects of Earth Day into our everyday efforts! From seed to soil, doing good is our duty and we are continuously finding ways to farm cleanly with a conscience. Remember the timeless motto “you are what you eat”? The physical wellness our food offers, extends to the world as well. The highest quality organically grown ingredients are important to us and this includes our oats that are shipped in from Western Canada. We are very conscious of the fact that sometimes our ingredients travel long distances on trains, ships, or trucks to reach our facilities and we are currently exploring ways to minimize the impact that this has on the planet. We are always innovating and asking ourselves, how we can do better. 

Join us! 

As individuals, the more food we consume with a lighter carbon footprint the less of a footprint we make, and it is a step forward for our planet. Earth Day comes once a year and is a perfect time to accept the call to action to make the world we inhabit a better place, on an ongoing basis. What is the best way to start? Take inventory of your personal carbon footprint. Try focusing on one thing that will be the simplest change to lighten your load on the planet. You can begin by reducing food waste, starting a compost at home, buying energy efficient electric devices, or simply switching off the lights and unplugging your electronics when you leave the room. Already do that? Take the next step and challenge yourself! 

Start where you are and do what you do with the planet in mind. Think about it differently, as if you are a guest in someone’s home that you want to care for, and when you care for it, you help them, yourself, and generations to come! Do not underestimate your impact! It was once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. The growth of Earth Day in a short time is perfect evidence of that! So, this Earth Day be the change you know you can be and watch the ripple effect happen in your community as you carry your green goals in your everyday life!

By Brittany Giblin and Lauren Pagano

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