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Drizzled Granola Bars Variety Pack (30 Count)

MadeGood Drizzled Granola Bars Variety Pack include all your favourite flavours – Cookie Crumble, Birthday Cake, and Vanilla – unique snack size bars dipped and drizzled in chocolate.  These vegan bars are baked to perfection with healthy, wholesome ingredients – mom-approved, free from the most common allergens, certified organic, gluten free, and Non-GMO.  Each serving is packed with nutrients from vegetables, because you deserve to feel good about what you feed your little, and yourself (treats included!)

All MadeGood products are baked in a dedicated allergen-free bakery.  MadeGood was started to share a family's love for good snacks, but it was also started to do some good in the world.  Good is for everyone – high standards, quality, and transparency.  We're committed to baking better snacks right down to the carbon footprint.  Includes 6 boxes, 30 bars total.  (2 Cookie Crumble boxes, 2 Birthday Cake boxes, 2 Vanilla boxes)


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